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Football Mania

Want a chance to win some extra cash, just in time for the holidays?  .....$100, $400, possibly $1,000?
Chances are you or some one you know loves football, or at least, loves extra money.  That's where St. Pius' favorite fundraiser comes in.  Football Mania is an exciting and fun way to not only possibly earn extra cash, but to also help our school.  Every week, for the final 10 weeks of the NFL regular season, each ticket gives the holder the chance to win cash prizes.
HOW DOES IT WORK?  Playing FM is super easy.  Each ticket is given 3 teams at random every week.  Beginning with week 7 of the NFL regular season, prizes are awarded based on the highest combined scores for the 3 teams displayed on the card for that particular week.  FM continues for the remainder of the season, meaning each ticket gives the holder 10 chances to win.  Because the teams are chosen at random and change week to week, a ticket could win more than once.   Our school is enrolled in the “Guaranteed winners” programs, which means just that….guaranteed winners every week!  Most winners collect $25 or $50, but several have won $100 and even $400!  A St. Pius teacher won $400 last year… the 1st week of FM!
SHOW US THE MONEY!!  Prizes are based on the total number of tickets the school bought, not just on the tickets that were bought and activated.   So those tickets you threw away, burned in the fireplace, or are using as a coaster, could be worth $200, $400.....even $1,000!  The prize breakdown is as follows.....
30 Weekly winners -
Highest combined score - (1) $400, (2) $200, (3) $100, (4-25) $25 .  Lowest score - (26) $50, (27-30) $25
Overall -
Highest combined score for ALL 10 weeks of FM - (1) $1,000
Lowest combined score for ALL weeks of FM  - (1) $200
NOW WHAT?  Ask your friends, family and co-workers or buy a few for yourself.   Each ticket cost $20.  Tickets may be sold beginning now, until October 24th.   The buyer fills out the stub portion of each ticket.  PLEASE make sure we can read  the contact information on each stub.  If we can’t read it, this could delay a winning ticket being processed.  The buyer keeps the rest of the ticket for his or her records.  The stub gets returned to school along with payment.
In an envelope marked with your child’s name or the family name, and class room, return ticket stubs and payment to the school.  This can be sent in with your child or dropped off at the school.  Should you need more tickets, please stop by the front desk and pick up more.  Payment can be made with cash or by check, made payable to St. Pius X School.
In addition to the paper tickets sent home, you can also buy tickets electronically using the link:<>.    This is a great way to support the fundraiser as it allows you to send the link in emails to friends and family, or to post to your social media accounts.  Just like with a paper ticket, the buyer will have 10 chances to win with each ticket purchased.  Just be sure anyone who buys a eticket from you to put down your name as the seller so you can receive proper FSO credit.
For each $20 ticket or eticket sold, $10 goes towards your FSO contribution.
Please stop by the front desk should you need extra tickets.
The top seller of paper tickets will receive a Amazon gift card
The top seller of etickets will receive a credit at Carousel Uniform.
That’s the nuts and bolts of Football Mania.  If we overlooked something, or if you have any questions, please email us at<>
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