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Are students be able to take the iPad home? 
Absolutely, if parents/guardians opt-in, students are expected to take the iPad home each night. The iPad will be used not only for in-class work but also for homework assignments. Many assignments will be unique to the iPad experience and cannot be replicated on any other device. 

Does my student still need a computer at home? 
It is important to note that the iPad is not a replacement for a computer, but rather its touchscreen, unique apps, and interactive textbooks  offer students a completely new learning experience. Students may feel more comfortable completing some assignments, particularly those involving extensive use of a keyboard, on a computer.  

Do I need to have wireless Internet service at home for this device to work? 
No. One of the advantages of the iPad is that it has sufficient memory to store textbooks and other materials required for homework, making it unnecessary to have Internet access at home. Naturally, an available connection at home will enable a student to use his/her iPad for Internet research, access files stored in the cloud, and to complete some assignments.  The school will provide filtered Internet access on campus. The iPads will not have cellular connection capability. 
Will there be a Word Processing Program on the iPad?
Students in 8th grade have been given free Office 365 accounts.  Office 365,, offers students online access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and free file storage.  These accounts can be accessed on the iPad, desktop, or mobile devices. 
We already own an iPad; can we use our family iPad? 
Due to security, apps, and software downloads, we are requiring students to all use the same school issued iPad 4.  This will ensure that all students have the tools needed to be a successful student.  
Will the school block my child from using certain apps or websites? 
St. Pius X Regional School will continue to filter web content available to the students through the St. Pius wireless network. Parents are urged to contact their internet provider for ways to filter content and websites from your home internet.

One of the additional advantages of leasing the iPad devices through the school is that the school can then have full control over the content being downloaded onto the iPads. This will help us greatly as we strive to create an appropriate learning environment for our students.  

The iPads will be managed wirelessly using AirWatch Management System.  Students are not allowed to install any applications (apps) on the device.  We have put in place measures to disable the ability to install apps; however there have been methods in the past that bypass these restrictions. If you bypass this restriction in any manner, students will face disciplinary actions.

What if an iPad is lost or damaged? 
The iPad is St. Pius X Regional School property and is loaned to the student for the school year. Students are ultimately responsible for the care of the device. If the school-issued iPad is lost or damaged, the family will be responsible for replacing the device.  
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