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Building Faith, Values, Service, and Academic Excellence since 1962
14710 Annapolis Rd, Bowie, MD 20715 | (301) 262-0203 | (301) 805-8875

Philosophy & Mission


St. Pius X Regional School embodies the belief that Catholic Schools are an extension of the Catholic Church’s mission. To that end, St. Pius’ purpose is to teach the message of Jesus, to worship and pray together, to build community, and to serve others. It is the primary aim of our Catholic School to provide an environment and an educational program that builds faith, academic excellence, values, and service to others.

Our school fosters innovative programs that prepare students for life in a rapidly changing society. The development of academic skills is at the core of our curriculum. These skills are taught through a variety of approaches at all levels of instruction. We believe the intellectual development of each child takes place through manipulative, motor, and sensory activities, as well as through abstract and critical thinking level activities. In recognizing that curriculum is dynamic and ever evolving, teachers use the specific educational methods that are most effective with their students, while at the same time ensuring that the curriculum guidelines meet our Catholic values.

Our school is rooted in the belief that Jesus is alive today within the community of the faithful, the Church. St. Pius X Regional School is a faith community that instills in its students, a commitment to render service to the people of God. We are a partnership of believers, parents, teachers, and students, endeavoring to establish reciprocal feelings of respect, regard, and appreciation for one another.

An education at St. Pius X Regional School provides each child with the foundation that enables the students to cope with daily life situations, to succeed in higher education, and to accept the responsibility for spreading the faith and Good News of Jesus Christ. Every child is encouraged to exercise sound judgment based on Gospel principles as he/she grows to adulthood in the Catholic community.


St. Pius X Regional School serves four regional parishes in the Bowie area.  Through the co-operation of the faculty and parents, the school seeks to support the diversity of student needs and learning styles, while nourishing the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth of its students.  With a commitment to spiritual and professional development for the faculty and staff, we strive to be grounded in the spirit of Gospel values, and to be knowledgeable in an ever-changing educational society.  St. Pius X Regional School sends into society a child well equipped with a strong education based on Catholic values.  It strives to “teach what we believe and… live what we teach.”

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